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We are committed to providing holistic and continuous practical education in Northern Mindanao and beyond.

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The current realities of continuing increase of tuition fees in universities and colleges have further aggravated the problems of the educational sector. The closure/non-payment of pre-need companies catering to the educational needs of the students by way of scholarships has dislocated many would-be college enrollees. The heavy migration of families in the city due to the worsening peace and order condition in the neighboring regions has further aggravated the already over-populated state universities and colleges.

Reality check, the increase of tuition fees made it even more difficult for indigent children to avail of good education in the city or to be awarded with the needed training that could give them a good life in the future. What is even remorseful is that, on top of the school fees, the increased fare rates, meal allowances, boarding house rentals, school uniforms, textbooks and heavy equipment in the course of study is another plight that parents surely face in their desire to send children to College. Thus, many opted not to continue formal education in the tertiary level because of complexities of living.

The Philippine Government places high priority in the development of Mindanao and launched the Mindanao National Initiative that aims to foster equity, stability and uplifting of the Mindanao People. Mindanao has a high poverty incidence and low levels of social development. Not just in Western Mindanao but also parts of Northern Mindanao, many are suffering from poverty. This resulted to illiteracy since many could not afford higher education especially those that come from the far-flung areas who could no longer receive assistance from the government.

People have the right access to all levels and forms of education provided by the state. And so, we have the best alternative learning system through the Asian Business Cabletow Cooperative Academy (ABCCA), Inc.


We are Committed to Provide Holistic and Continuous Practical Education in Aid of Poverty Alleviation


The Biggest and Most Preferred Technical-Vocational Institution and Cooperative Academy Locally and Globally


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